DrupalCon 2008

March 2, 2008

It's been a good, long while since I wrote a blog post. Between work and family, there just hasn't been time. I've been super busy for months now, but not without some benefits.

For one thing, I've been learning tons. I've been working on picking up more PHP and delving a bit more into backend Drupal work, as well as doing more accessibility and usability work and learning more about user experience design. I guess you could say I've been branching out every which way. As a reward for all that hard work, I'm going to DrupalCon in Boston. Although the conference doesn't start until tomorrow, Jon and I flew in for a long weekend to soak up some history and not a little seafood. I can now state pretty definitely that the Union Oyster House has the best clam chowder I've ever eaten, and Mike's Pastry has Boston Cream Pie to die for. Not to be missed. It might be cold here in Boston, but with good food and four whole days of Drupal learning, it's weather I'm happy to put up with.


Hi there,

I wanted to ask how the DrupalCon went and if there was anything particular that you walked away with that made you glad you went or was the whole event great all rounder.

Btw did you learn Drupal from book or from the web? I am trying to track down a good resource for learning Drupal that is hardcopy, can you suggest anything? or is web my best bet?