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Best Fonts for the Web

November 16, 2006

For years I've been meaning to put together a "cheat sheet" of fonts and font alternatives for quick selection but never got around to it. Today I finally got so tired of Arial and Helvetica that I sat down to write a few out.

Of course, things are never that easy. I forgot to take into account how truly fascinating type is and how much I love fonts.

So, here is the result of my very enjoyable though brief excursion into typography. Each explanation should render in that particular font, if you have it installed.

The Perfect Notebook Case

November 9, 2006

I've been looking for the perfect bag. It can't be just any old thing. I need something big enough to carry my laptop, my lunch, my phone and wallet and keys, assorted manuals, a power adapter, an odd cable or two, a sweater, and a few books. That's a lot to shlep halfway across campus. So I decided it also has to be on wheels.

Letters from Macrebel Camp: Part II

November 4, 2006

October 17 My elation over being able to sneak away from Macrebel camp has started to wear off. Funny, but I never really noticed before how dingy and out-dated Windows looks. Everything seems so flat and gray...and in desperate need of a serious makeover. Today I actually found myself missing the dock with its bright little icons.

Letters from Macrebel Camp: Part I

October 27, 2006

September 29th It's been a rough and exhausting week Ever since reaching Macrebel camp, I've felt like the world has turned upside down. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, and the landscape is so bright and shiny and...clean. Yet it's not home. I miss my old comfortable habits and familiar ways of doing things. I never appreciated how many tasks I did automatically, without ever having to think about them. How quickly I could perform. Now I have to pause before attempting the smallest function. I still haven't located the backward delete button. Thank god I found the bathrooms...


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